Above are some of the fun products for Pets like Bandanas, Pillows, Masks, Bowls, Mugs and Tees for People with pre-made Ads, and Posters of Mimi and Mô to display in your Pet Stores. Your Name can be added on all Posters and Ads.
Welcome to Mimi the Cat and Mô the Dog™ Cartoons characters
created by Lady-Elle StarQueen for licenses on Pet Products, Ads Billboards, Posters and More.
Manufacturers can order the Artworks for use on products, apparel and pet food recipes, and order ready made posters ads or billboards that Licensees can print and install
Mimi & Mô™ Cartoons Licenses For:

Pet Foods (Gourmet Fresh Recipes)

Pet Dishes

Apparel, Hats

Blankets, Pillows

Plushes & Toys

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